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“Euphoria for me is the splash of colours on a canvas” – Shivani Garg

Born on 23rd January’ 1984

Shivani Garg is a loving wife and homemaker by day, and an abstract artist by night. Shivani recognised an inborn passion for art seven years ago, and since then, the responsibilities of a homemaker have never dissuaded her from exploring her passion. She is also an ardent traveller for whom, the travel is less about the journey and more about probing the diversity that different cultures bring to art. This helps her breathe new insights and perspectives into her paintings.

Shivani quotes, “Art for me is freedom from the stereotypical edges to a colourful front. The splash of colours on canvas is my euphoria. My paintings depict the contradiction between the serenity of the cities and the hustle towards progress. I strongly believe that the success of an artwork lies in the perfect blend of its elements and its principles.”

Blessed with a passion for art, and the mettle to turn that passion into profession, Shivani has been inspired by artists like Paul Klee, Yogesh Rawal and Matisse, who commove the creativity in her. She began with landscape painting and then moved on to the geometric form. Her paintings encompass the layering and compassion of time, space and place, and a collection of historical art references, right from the dynamism of geometric abstraction to the enveloping scale of abstract expressionism. Her canvases overlay different architectural features from multiple perspectives, i.e., aerial, cross section and isometric.

Her artwork stems from minutely observing the architectural details on different landscapes. Shivani’s allegiance to abstract art is the outcome of her love for geometrical shapes. Her paintings are all bold and bright that entice and compel viewers to contemplate the significance of the colours on canvas. She always ensures to strike a balance between tranquility and turbulence into all her creatives.

So if you’re an art lover, collector, connoisseur, or simply just a budding artist looking out for guidance, feel free to get in touch with Shivani Garg, at your convenience. Contact Shivani

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